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Women Of God

The TBOC Women’s Ministry (Jewels of Eden) exists to support the mission of the church in saving souls through prayer, evangelism, and discipleship. The ministry provides opportunities for women to gather to learn from God’s word, individuals, and community, as well as hosts, retreats, outings, and social events throughout the year.

Like most forms of ministry, the women's ministry is Jesus-centred. It's all about helping other women to come to Christ and grow in Christ. It's about encouraging people to understand the gospel, respond to the gospel and apply the gospel to every aspect of life. And that happens when women engage with God through his Word and prayer, in the community of the local church.

If you are interested in joining this ministry, or simply feel you would be a great fit, reach out to us!

  • tboc3621@gmail.com
  • 3621 Nansemond Pkwy Suffolk, VA 23435
  • Leader: Lady Yukita Boone
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